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Dr. Johnny V. Duong, DC, MS (Owner/Clinic Director)

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person

  • "The best!!! Love how they treat their patients. I can go to Palo Alto or SF, but I chose to go here in Mtn View. The service/treatment they give their patients are amazing. They treat you like family and explain every detail. They are not money hungry, only hungry for their patients to get well."
    Maria B, San Mateo CA
  • "I don't even know where to start with this place! Dr. Johnny Duong and Dr. Danny Duong are phenomenal Chiropractors with a wealth of knowledge. I originally came to Peninsula Wellness Centre for their high-grade whole body and local cryotherapy treatments as I sustained a pretty bad rib injury in my last competition. I was on the fence about competing again only two weeks away from the injury but these guys are the best in the business and got me ready!

    I've tried three other places for Cryotherapy and none of them had the high-quality machines and options that PWC offers - don't take my word for it, go in and give them a shot! Not only did they get me ready but I placed 1st in the national competition. Whether it's for their convenient location, fabulous hospitality and/or tremendous knowledge - I'd recommend Dr. Johnny & Dr. Danny for your healing and wellness needs!"
    Nima M, San Jose CA
  • "I've never wrote a more honest review than this. I went in for a cryo session, once I walk in I was greeted right away and taken in the back. Everyone is super friendly and truly cares. The doc asked me how I'm feeling, I told him I broke my ankle a few years back and have some pain coming back. Immediately after my cryo session they were able to take X-ray and give me some therapy for my ankle and also my back! Unbelievable customer service right?! I also got a follow up text that same night with some more instructions. This place is 20 minutes away from my office but it's worth the drive, it finally feels good walking into somewhere and seeing that people actually care about you and have a passion and desire to help you feel better. I will consistently come back here and refer everyone I know! Thanks guys!"
    JP M, San Jose CA
  • "Dr. Johnny Duong is an amazing chiropractor! Hands down the most personable friendly Chiropractor I have been to. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the service they provide is impeccable. I've seen Dr. Johnny Duong when I had problems with my neck and back. After receiving adjusments treatments from him I felt better then ever, I was up and about without pain! He is a skilled and compassionate chiropractor that truly care about your well being. I highly recommend Dr. Johnny Duong"
    Star Z, Hayward CA
  • "Dr. Johnny Duong is the best! I've been seeing him and his staff for a few months now and my back issues are feeling much better. I just started Cryotherapy which has been great! The office location is convenient and always clean and tidy. The staff are very friendly and helpful making each appointment easy and efficient."
    Lisa S, Palo Alto CA
  • "Went to my 1st appointment and Dr. Johnny Duong was amazing! He really took the time to listen and understand what was going on with me. After so many days of chronic back pain just one session with him made a world of difference. Not to mention his adjustments were fantastic. Super gentle and on point! It was also my first time entering a super cool cryotherapy chamber! I felt great immediately after, and that feeling stayed with me throughout the entire week. I am a regular cross fitter, so anything I can do to help me recover is essential. I will definitely be back for some more cryotherapy! Thanks Dr. D!"
    David L, San Jose CA
  • "The staff here are really friendly and very knowledgeable. I am a very active individual who practices combat sports, and I've had a nagging back injury which got really bad to the point where I could barely walk. After a couple of visits they were able to help relieve a lot of the symptoms and provide me with exercises and stretches for the rehab part. I'm going to be back to normal in no time, and I would recommend this place to everyone."
    Don D, San Jose CA
  • "Peninsula Wellness Centre is one of the best places I've gone to get care. I have been dealing with mild scoliosis since I was 4 years old and Dr. Johnny and his staff take great care of me every time I go in. I have seen amazing results and my pain and headaches have diminished dramatically. If you want to get great results and great patient care go see Peninsula Wellness Centre! Thank you Dr. Johnny and staff for all that you have helped me with."
    Becca B, Millbrae CA
  • "Dr. Johnny is the best that's just the start. I have come to know Dr. Johnny for almost 4 years now in the time he has treated me I've made tremendous progress. See I use to get horrible migraines but never did anything about but take over the counter pills, my boyfriend at the time used to tell me the wonders a chiropractor adjustment had done for him but i refuse to come I was skeptical about it. Time passes and i got into a bad car crash my back was messed up. My boyfriend told me come and take some X-rays not only did we found the damage from the crash but we also saw what was causing the headaches. My neck was off. Long story short now that he has been treating me my headaches are practically gone and if they do come I'll come in for an adjustment and poof they are gone. Can't imagine my life with out adjustments."
    Arella G, San Mateo CA
  • "I've been going to Dr. Johnny Duong for many years now. He's been helping me a lot with my lower back pain due to my scoliosis. Since day one until now I'm a whole new person. I notice with the new place, Dr. Duong also does cryotherapy, laser treatments, facial treatments, and so much more. I was calm I asked him about all of these new machines he had. He really informed me about all the benefits about each and everyone of them. He really took the time to explain everything and gave me all the information I needed. I decided to do some of the treatment myself along with my fiancé since we trust Dr. Duong with our health. I have to say it was the best and great day for both of us. We felt amazing after a whole day of treatments. Thank you, Dr. Duong!"
    Kim D, Glendale CA
  • "Dr. Johnny Duong, Dr. Danny Duong and, Dr. Brett Wee are all great! I love coming to Peninsula Wellness Centre for my Cryotherapy. The cryotherapy defintely helps with my physical activity level as well as making me feel great for the remaining of the day. The three doctors a very knowledgeable and very personable when it comes to feeling comfortable in the office and helping you with your needs. I would recommend this place for your cryotherapy needs as well as any other services they offer."
    Chad S, Sunnyvale CA
  • "My friends recommended Dr. Johnny Duong and Dr. Danny Duong for my back pain that I've been experiencing for awhile now. They thoroughly explained everything I needed to know and what to do to prevent the pain from coming back. I really recommend this place because they helped me a lot with my pain. Also, the cryotherapy is amazing here! It's super cold but feels so good at the same time. Thank you again for taking care of me."
    Sang D, Moreno Valley CA
  • "I was literally carried from the car and into the facility. My X-Rays displayed a serious spinal disorder with severe disc degeneration compression with idiopathic scoliosis.

    At first to be perfectly honest, I was skeptical. After discussing it over with family and couple of close friends, I opted to receive chiropractic treatment of adjustments and exercises for a length of 7 months to alleviate pain and prevent future degeneration to my lower spine & neck. It's been nearly 5 months since receiving treatment. I'm feeling less pain; I have more mobility along with increased stamina. I also feel that a positive mental approach, completing all recommended stretches and exercises have benefited my progress immensely. Dr. Duong has made a huge difference in my life, If you're reading this and decide to proceed with treatment, give it time and follow Dr. Duong's advice and instructions. I can almost guarantee you that you will have a positive experience and outcome."
    Bobby V, Belmont CA
  • "I met Danny (one of the chiropractors there) when he was a grad at Palmer, the man knows his kinesiology, he adjusted my back then and like anyone who has a great car mechanic..you follow him to any auto shop.....which leads me to Peninsula Wellness, very well disciplined staff no fooling around they take you through all the things that will Help Heal you. Dr. Johnny and Dr. Danny (yeap they're brothers) are very compassionate in this wellness center.
    I have not tried Cryo so I can't comment but from what I hear and see when I'm there it Works it's not a fad/trend. May God Bless Danny on his new endeavor"
    Scott H, San Jose CA
  • "Very good service, professional stuff and great prices! They explained me my medical condition better than my primary doctor."
    Din A, Mountain View CA
  • "Dr. Brett Wee is the best!! Very personable and knowledgeable. When I explained the pain I was having in my back he knew right away what to do. After a correction and isolated cryotherapy on my back (which is awesome btw) i walked out feeling like I was in a new body! And that was only my first session can't wait to continue coming in here!"
    Taylor A, San Jose CA
  • "i went in with shoulder impingement. The medical doctor I went to see did not do a thing for me. The doctor said that they like to see things heal on their own. I go to see Dr. Johnny regularly and I thought I would mention this to him. Dr. Johnny examined the shoulder and made the necessary adjustment. I will say, it did hurt, but it was well worth it. I walked out of the office able to move my shoulder. Each day thereafter, my range of motion was back to normal. I am a regular patient at Peninsula Wellness Centre. I highly recommend Dr. Johnny and his staff."
    Martha V, Belmont CA
  • "I was referred to the office by a family member for back and joint pain. I had a great experience and Dr. Duong and the staff are awesome! Very professional and knowledgeable. I got a great gentle chiropractic adjustment after a thorough examination and cold cryotherapy which really helped with my pain and muscle tightness/soreness. I definitely look forward to coming back for more. I highly recommend Peninsula Wellness Centre. Thanks for everything!"
    Tiffany D, San Jose CA
  • "Professional, caring, and great attention to detail. Highly recommend. Will continue to visit Dr. Duong in the future."
    Elise C, Cupertino CA
  • "Dr. Duong has been in charge of my care of about almost 4 years. In the time I've been under his care we have been able to get my body from a lot of pain and not active to pain free and lots of out doors activities. When we first met we took x-rays and set up a plan to get more space between my disk spaces and we did just that. My lower back and specially neck now look normal. I owe Dr. Duong a tremendous gratitude. It's because of him I'm now back to feeling normal, pain free."
    Bruno R, San Mateo CA
  • "Got my first adjustment here and I have to say that I'm overall impressed with the level of professionalism here. They have machines here that many other chiropractor offices don't have and the doctors here really see you more as a patient rather then a paycheck. They really do strive to making you better and fixing the issues you may have. Will definitely come back!"
    Bobby N, Patton CA
  • "I have been having my leg pain, back pain and also have planter faciitis for 7 months. I've seen my primary doctor, podiatry , nothing help. I found this clinic from Groupon and gave it a try. After my first visit, I feel so much better and my leg tightness and sorenees were relieved. Dr. Johnny and Danny took care of me and also my mom. Because my mom also have some chronic back pain. They are very friendly and feel welcoming as soon as you walk in. They know what they are doing and treat me with kind and patient. Explained everything what was going on in details. I've visited them multiple times and my condition has improved after every visit. They do chiropractor , muscle treatment, PT, Cryotherapy , Xray(if needed) and many more. I highly recommend to check this place out if you are in pain. I can't thank enough for both Dr. Johnny and Dr. Danny. I normally don't review yelp but you can take my words for it. THANK YOU."
    Brandon T, Mountain View CA
  • "Glad I found this place. What can I say that you haven't read in the other reviews. How amazing these guys are? How bad my back pain was and how they're helping me with it? How Dr. Danny and Dr. Johnny truly care about their patients and go beyond expectations to treat you well? You've already read it and take my word for it. You don't need an injury to take care of your back, but no matter what your back issues are, these chiropractors are the best to help you with it. Try them out and if you're not satisfied, I'll write you an I OWE U"
    Andy C, San Jose CA


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