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We value our patients' experience at Peninsula Wellness Centre. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Johnny V. Duong, DC, MS (Owner/Clinic Director)

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person

  • "I don't even know where to start with this place!
    Dr. Johnny Duong and Dr. Danny Duong are phenomenal Chiropractors with a wealth of knowledge. I originally came to Peninsula Wellness Centre for their high-grade whole body and local cryotherapy treatments as I sustained a pretty bad rib injury in my last competition. I was on the fence about competing again only two weeks away from the injury but these guys are the best in the business and got me ready!

    I've tried three other places for Cryotherapy and none of them had the high-quality machines and options that PWC offers - don't take my word for it, go in and give them a shot! Not only did they get me ready but I placed 1st in the national competition. Whether it's for their convenient location, fabulous hospitality and/or tremendous knowledge - I'd recommend Dr. Johnny & Dr. Danny for your healing and wellness needs!"
    Nima M, San Jose
  • "Dr. Johnny Duong is an amazing chiropractor! Hands down the most personable friendly Chiropractor I have been to. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the service they provide is impeccable. I've seen Dr. Johnny Duong when I had problems with my neck and back. After receiving adjusments treatments from him I felt better then ever, I was up and about without pain! He is a skilled and compassionate chiropractor that truly care about your well being. I highly recommend Dr. Johnny Duong"
    Star Z, Eastbay CA
  • "Dr. Johnny Duong is the best! I've been seeing him and his staff for a few months now and my back issues are feeling much better. I just started Cryotherapy which has been great! The office location is convenient and always clean and tidy. The staff are very friendly and helpful making each appointment easy and efficient."
    L.S., Palo Alto CA
  • "Dr. Duong and his staff at Peninsula Wellness Centre are very professional and were helpful and answered all my questions during the whole process. I highly recommend Peninsula Wellness Centre and Dr. Duong"
    Ann B, Menlo Park
  • "...My clothes fit so much better than they did before. I would highly recommend these treatments, male or female, to anyone regardless of their age."
    RA, Sunnyvale
  • "Before coming to Peninsula Wellness Centre I had been to many different chiropractors over the past 20 years. Various techniques were used on me in attempts to reduce my pain and increase my mobility without much success. I'm a 42 year old male with chronic ailments that have gotten progressively worse over the years. I would like to say thank you Dr. Duong for what you have done for my health and the quality of my life. I'm so excited about the changes you have made with my health in such a short period of time. You have given me simple tips in diet and exercise that have not only made me feel better, but so much easier to move as well. I am finally back to playing tennis. The equipment you have and the latest techniques and technology you use in your practice are really impressive. Your adjustments are smooth and always make me feel better. Thank you for helping me!"
    Alex G, Menlo Park
  • "I'm a lifelong surfer and have always enjoyed the healthy benefits of cold immersion in the chilly Pacific. I tried cryotherapy for the first time at Peninsula Wellness Centre recently and OMG - my 62 year old body felt 30 again. Dude, this place and this technique is over-the-top fantastic if you're looking for a great practice with little time investment to look, function and feel WELL. The science behind cryotherapy is well established. Absolutely a GO brainer. Dr. Duong and his staff; first cabin attentiveness and service to boot. Thanks for this discovery, Peninsula Wellness Centre!"
    Herby B, Saratoga
  • "Had the opportunity to try my first Cryotherapy session. A great first experience and very friendly staff. Got to be honest, a little nervous before getting there, but my muscles were so sore from a very busy December, that I just said "go for it"! So impressed with the overall experience, that I decided to book an appointment with Dr. Duong for the following week. Had the staff also video me and my experience in the "Arctic", just in case you were thinking also of taking the plunge. Enjoy!"
    Ernie S, Redwood City
  • "Peninsula Wellness Centre is about as good as it gets! I was introduced to Dr. Duong's clinic from a friend I hadn't seen in a while & was blown away by how amazing she looked - her secret - she said - is getting Cryotherapy, Endermologie treatments at Peninsula Wellness Centre. I recently had an Endermologie treatment someplace else & wanted to compare the 2 treatments. Well - I was blown away by the comparison - the treatment at Peninsula Wellness Centre blew the other place away. What is most impressive is how kind Dr. Duong & his staff are - Charmaine, Danny, Scott, & Brett are so welcoming - I always leave in a happy & positive spirit because of them. Charmaine who does my treatments is such a gem - she cares so much about her clients - she makes you feel you are part of one big happy family. Because of her expertise, I bought a 12 package session & am seeing amazing results! The skin on my body is smoother, any sort of imperfections are now gone. Thank you Charmaine!"
    Barbara K, San Jose
  • "Love these guys! I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu daily and the cryotherapy chamber at this place keeps my body together! Great staff and super cold tank! I'm a regular now!"
    Clinton E, Sunnyvale
  • "I was nervous going into my first session, being a California girl, cold is not my "thing". The staff was amazing and got me pumped up. They played a favorite song of my choice and I started rocking out as soon as I stepped in. I went for elbow pain but gained such a richer experience. Every time I go, I leave energized and feeling fantastic. What I love most about this place is how positive the staff is! Clean with your own saved robe, great instructions to make you feel comfortable and encouragement to get you excited. It's cold but the time flies when you are dancing and the staff is grooving with you. Totally addicting, I've gone 3x and just signed up for more. You will love it!"
    Stephanie L, San Jose
  • "Dr. Duong and his cryotherapy wonder machine are amazing! I suffer from two autoimmune diseases and doing cryotherapy has helped me immensely. Before seeing Dr. Duong I hadn't been able to run in over a year. After one week I was able to start jogging again. To see such an amazing outcome after one week, I easily got hooked. I now go 2-3 times a week and I have felt so much better since. I do still have bad days where I'm in pain or feeling extremely fatigued, but after I get a treatment I feel revived and energized. Almost as if it's a new day and I'm ready to go. I can't say it enough, it really is amazing. And yes it is EXTREMELY cold for 2.5-3 minutes but they play music and I just dance the coldness away in the chamber. The best part is watching Dr. Duong get funky with some Lady Gaga and Beyoncé too."
    Kristine L, Palo Alto
  • "Went to my 1st appointment and Dr. Johnny Duong was amazing! He really took the time to listen and understand what was going on with me. After so many days of chronic back pain just one session with him made a world of difference. Not to mention his adjustments were fantastic. Super gentle and on point! It was also my first time entering a super cool cryotherapy chamber! I felt great immediately after, and that feeling stayed with me throughout the entire week. I am a regular cross fitter, so anything I can do to help me recover is essential. I will definitely be back for some more cryotherapy! Thanks Dr. D!"
    David L, San Jose


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