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Low Back and Leg Pain or Numbness


Lower back pain is a national epidemic.  Roughly eight out of every ten American adults will suffer at least one disabling attack.  Out-of-whack backs surpass the common cold as the most frequent medical complaint.  Over 19 million annual doctor visits account for more disability insurance claims than any other single injury.

The major cause of this disabling condition is spinal vertebral subluxation (misaligned spinal bones resulting in pinched and irritated spinal nerves).  The misalignment can be caused by improper twisting, poor posture, injuries, overuse/repetitive motion, stress and sports or other physical hobby or activities.

The symptoms will come and go and usually start out as occasional backache, at first, only after a long, hard day or after sitting for a long period of time, but eventually the pain comes more often, stays longer and gets worse.  The misaligned vertebrae will put excess stress on the disc shock absorber pads between the spinal vertebrae and cause the discs to undergo progressive degeneration with infiltration of calcium, osteoarthritis, and increasing nerve pressure. 

 Next, the nerves begin to be affected into the buttocks, one or both legs, and forward into the pelvic organs.  Morning backache begins now lasting longer and longer each day, as the legs begin to fall victim to the condition with leg aches, sometimes muscle cramps, loss of knee and heel reflexes, numbness and cold feet.  The legs are now more susceptible to varicose veins, loss of leg strength and a condition call “toe drop” begins to creep in with the victim beginning to trip more and have to walk with high steps to keep from tripping or use braces as the leg next begins to atrophy or waste away, along with constant leg aches or sometimes numbness.  At the same time getting up nights to go to the bathroom becomes more and more frequent.  When women have this condition, they usually have bad backaches and cramps with their menses sometimes even since their youth.  The disc can progress in its deterioration until it disintegrates and the vertebrae fuse together.  When this happens, the condition is too far advanced to treat effectively.  Gentle chiropractic adjustments to realign the misaligned vertebrae have been found to be by far the best treatment to stop and reverse this progressing condition.  However, sufferers should be warned that the longer they wait to begin treatment, the more advanced the condition becomes and the less effective the treatment can be.

Although addicting aspirin, pain pills, muscle relaxants and traction therapy can sometimes give only temporary relief, the underlying condition will continue to advance until the misaligned vertebrae, which is causing the irritation to the nervous system and causing disruption in the nerve's ability to function, is realigned by gentle chiropractic adjustments.

If you or any of your friends or loved ones are suffering needlessly from this condition, call us today at (650)961-2429  for your complementary consultation with one of our great doctors to see if we can help before advancing complications can take their toll.


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