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Testimonials (*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person)

"I first came to Peninsula Wellness Centre as a chiropractic patient for lower back and neck problems that had given me trouble since I was in medical school.  I have always had an interest in alternative medicine and Dr. Watson came highly recommended from another physician. I began treatments and was quite pleased with the care I was given. We started talking about diet and nutrition and he suggested that I go on a low calorie diet with HCG drops. I was quite amazed at the results, and in just a few weeks I had lost 13 lbs.  Following the diet, I went on a maintenance plan for 3 more weeks and lost another 3 lbs. I was feeling better, and the pains in my knees and hips that had been there for many years were gone. I'm very happy with the high quality care and treatments I received from Peninsula Wellness Centre and would recommend Dr. Watson to anyone who wants to live a healthier life style, look and feel better."

- MN, M.D.,  Palo Alto

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary person to person.

"Dr. Watson and his staff at Peninsula Wellness Centre are very professional and were helpful and answered all my questions during the whole process. I highly recommend Peninsula Wellness Centre and Dr Watson."

- Ann B,  Menlo Park

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary person to person.

"I'm a 65-year-old male and had accumulated fat around my abdomen over the last 15 years. I tried dieting and exercising, but couldn’t get rid of the soft role around my middle. I started with 6 laser treatments, and at the end of the 6th treatment, 2 weeks later, Dr. Watson measured me and I had lost a total of 7 1/2 inches from my chest, hips and waist. I was so excited that after all these years there was answer to getting rid of my belly fat. I signed up for 6 more treatments, and the final result was a total of 13 inches lost. That was 6 weeks ago and I'm still losing inches! My clothes fit so much better than they did before. I would highly recommend these treatments, male or female, to anyone regardless of their age."

- RA,  Sunnyvale

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary person to person.

"Before coming to Peninsula Wellness Centre I had been to many different chiropractors over the past 20 years.  Various techniques were used on me in attempts to reduce my pain and increase my mobility without much success.  I'm a 42 year old male with chronic ailments that have gotten progressively worse over the years.  I would like to say thank you Dr. Watson for what you have done for my health and the quality of my life.
I'm so excited about the changes you have made with my health in such a short period of time. You have given me simple tips in diet and exercise that have not only made me feel better, but so much easier to move as well.  I am finally back to playing tennis. The equipment you have and the latest techniques and technology you use in your practice are really impressive.  Your adjustments are smooth and always make me feel better.  Thank you for helping me.  I look forward for the new things that I'm sure you are planning to add to Peninsula Wellness Centre."

- Alex G,  Menlo Park

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary person to person.